Fanart: Come ON!, for blue_sparkels

Title: Come ON!
Artist: little_cello
Recipient: blue_sparkels
Rating: White Cortina
Prompt: Sam/Gene, anything with them trying to prepare for the holidays and failing due to missing ingredients, broken tools, or cases getting in the way?
Notes/Warnings: Here you go Sparkle, I really hope you like it! :') <33333
Summary: Sam is trying to get some baking done, but alas, work calls.

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Fic: What's Good For Him, for basaltgrrl

Title: What's Good For Him
Author: little_cello
Recipient: basaltgrrl
Rating: Green Cortina for a couple of sexual references, nothing wild
Word Count: 1500ish
Prompt: I'd like the office staff discussing the fact that Sam doesn't have anyone to help him celebrate Christmas, and thinking of ways to make his holidays merry.
Notes/Warnings: Very low-key Sam/Gene hints, but all in all this fic is very gen. I hope you like it, Basalt! <3
Summary: There's going to be a surprise Christmas party!

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Fic: Lord of the Kitchen, for xysabridde

Title: Lord of the Kitchen
Author: little_cello
Recipient: xysabridde
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 560ish
Prompt: I would like some Sam/Gene/Annie, slash or buddy cop as you prefer, trying to organise a celebration of some kind. Prompt is "thin ice". :D
Notes/Warnings: Slightly cracky Sam/Annie/Gene goodness for you, my dear. <3 I really hope you enjoy it!
Summary: A short look into how preparations for Christmas dinner are going in the Tyler-Hunt-Cartwright household.

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Mod post: Deadline reminder and posting format

The big day is tomorrow, folks! Armed Bastards exchange presents on Sunday 27th December.

You will be posting your fanwork:
- on Sunday, December 27
- as a NEW POST (not as a comment on another post)
- INDIVIDUALLY (namely, you need to create a separate post for each ficlet, artwork, and/or icon set you are contributing)
- here on the martianholiday comm IN ITS ENTIRETY (rather than posting a link to your fanwork on your LJ or AO3). (You may also cross-post to lifein1973 if you like.)

You'll find out who is filling your request only when it's posted. So you might want to watch or track the community to see that! Don't forget to give feedback.

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Questions? Need to drop out? Please shoot me a PM or comment to this post. Otherwise, best of luck finishing your gifts, and have a splendid martian holiday. :)

*Not sure what the Cortina ratings are? Go here!

martianholiday 2015 - assignments have gone out

Thanks everyone! :D The prompting stage went well, everyone has been matched up with a recipient so we're good to go!

If you've not received a message from me - either via LJ Inbox or a comment response on the signup post - let me know by commenting here. I want to make sure everyone knows what they are creating.

If at any point you feel you need to drop out, let me know by commenting here. You can also message me with any questions on tumblr at talking2thesky.

I'll post a few more reminders along the way, but until then good luck with your fanworks :)

martianholiday 2015 - choosing cases (make your requests from the list of offers here)

Signups are now closed.  It's time to check your offer(s) and select your present(s)!

STEP THREE: Assigning Cases

First: You will receive a comment to your sign-up with your number(s). This number is the case you're on (the thing you've offered). If it turns out that your case looks wrong, or you think you're missing a case or two — comment to the sign-up post and tell me ASAP!

Next: Comment to this post with the number(s) you want to receive, and some instructions for the person who'll be creating the fanwork for you. For ficlets or poetry — give a character or a pairing and one line of dialogue, or a short prompt. For icons, gifs or graphics, give an indication of the character(s) you would like and if you have any specific colour/theme/scene preferences. For artwork, the character(s) you would like, and a situation you'd like to see.

Example of choice  —

#17. Fic. Any character, gen. Can't do shippy fic.

Can I have a gen comedy story of Sam redecorating his flat, please?


#20. Art. Mainly interested in drawing Ray. No explicit drawings.

I'd love a sketch of Ray looking all bruised but determined after the bomb in 2x03..

Remember: you can choose as many numbers as assignments you offered to do — so if you offered to do 3 assignments — you get to pick 3 numbers. If you offered 2, you get to choose 2. You can choose whether you want icon sets, artwork, poems, vidlets or ficlets, you do NOT have to restrict yourself to the same type you signed up for. It's inadvisable to pick your own number — I will know.

Watch the comments to this post so you know what your prompts are, and I will also comment to your sign up once all the selections are in to confirm.

I cannot stress enough how this is all supposed to be fun — so if you don't think you can complete your fanwork by December 27, don't freak out - we welcome posts into the new year and beyond. If you need to withdraw from the exchange altogether, send me a PM or drop me a comment so I can arrange a pinch-hitter.

Happy choosing!

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The Armed Bastards Exchange 2015

Hello, fellow Martians! WE'RE BACK! With a very special 10th martianholiday - the LoM fandom's annual Christmas gift exchange! This fest has successfully run every year since LoM began, we love our little fandom presents to look forward to after the chaos of the season.

This fest is all about sharing fanworks (ficlets, vidlets, podfics, artwork, gifs and icons) with fellow Life on Mars fans in a setting which is supposed to induce as little stress as possible. Because nothing says "armed bastards" quite like giving and receiving guns gifts. We're not asking for a big commitment - we're talking tiny stocking stuffers, drabbles if you wish.

Fanworks do not have to be holiday-themed - but they can be, of course, if you would like.

Phyllis is busy knitting very festive jumpers for everyone, so give us your best Noddy Holder impression: It's CHRISSSSTTTTMAAAAASSSS.

Sign-ups are open from now until the end of Monday, 30th November. To sign up, simply COMMENT TO THIS VERY POST with the following info:

What I can do: write/make icons/make a vidlet/make a gifset/create artwork/record podfic
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene, Sam/Mobile Phone, Gene/Cortina, Ray/Chris, Bubbles/Sockpuppet, Any, etc. - we are open to all pairings and characters. (Fics will be clearly labelled.)
What I can't do: e.g. slash, het, kink, etc.

If you want to write multiple snippets (max 3), or make multiple icon sets (max 3), or make multiple vidlets (max 3) or make multiple gifsets (max 3), or create multiple artworks (max 3), please include this info for all snippets, vidlets, pieces and sets. You could offer a mix of formats, so you might offer 1 ficlet and 2 icon sets, 1 vidlet and 2 artworks, etc. etc.  Please DO NOT sign up for more than you think you can finish.

To clarify - this is the offers post only. Prompting comes in Step Three below.

Comments on the signup post are SCREENED. This is so you don't know who is making your gift, it's more exciting that way <3

Example of sign-up;

What I can do: Write!
Characters/Pairings: Gene/Jackie, Gene/Cortina, anyone/thing with Gene basically. He has smouldering chemistry with tables.
What I can't do: Cannot write angst.

If you're dying to write some Sam whump - say you're willing to write it. If you'd like to tickle Annie with some tinsel until she giggles and squirms, let us know and we'll hook you up (not really). Someone out there might just be longing to read it. If you say you're willing to write anything, people will hold you to your word.

Here's another example:

What I can do: Make icons
Characters/Pairings: Any!
What I can't do: No moving .gif icons

STEP TWO: Get your badge number(s).
When sign-ups close (November 30th), I'll immediately collate them all into a NEW post, with each sign-up anonymous but numbered. Then I'll make a screened reply to your sign-up comment, telling you your number (or numbers, if you signed up to write multiple ficlets or icon sets).

STEP THREE: Assigning Cases
The new post will be an ANONYMOUS NUMBERED LIST of everyone's sign-up info. You will pick a number (not your own!) to be the person who writes/makes vidlets, artwork, gifs, or icons for you. You'll comment to that post with the number of your choice and an appropriate prompt: a pairing and a single of dialogue/word prompt for ficlets; OR; two to three song choices for a vidlet; OR a situation you'd like to see turned into artwork; OR a simple character request and/or text for gifs/icons. If there is something you absolutely do not want in your ficlet, vidlet, artwork, gifset or icon set - say so here.

Examples of prompts in response to offers -

16. Vidlet. Can't do slow-mo or fancy special effects.

Oh, I'd love a Ray vid to a song by Jimi Hendrix!


12. Artwork. Sam/Gene preferred.

Draw me some Sam/Gene mistletoe kisses please <333


3. Icons. Anything goes.

I'd like some icons of Maya looking beautiful. No text needed.

If you volunteered to create more than one ficlet, vidlet, artwork, gifset or icon set, you get to choose as many to receive as you signed up to make! (if you say you are writing 3 ficlets, you can request 3 vidlets and vice versa - you can also choose any combination of which - 2 artworks and 1 icon set, etc.)

Numbers will be struck off the list as they're claimed.

Comments on the prompting post will NOT be screened. This is so you can check back and see who gave you your assignment.

STEP FOUR: Your Assignment
You'll be able to see the prompt comments, so you can check for yourself if you like. However, when all the sign-ups have been snagged and given prompts, I'll reply to your ORIGINAL sign-up comment (on this post) with your prompt and the name of the person who requested it, just for confirmation. These comments will be screened, too, so it all stays secret. Let's keep this a lovely surprise!

THE LAW OF THE LAND aka The Rules:
You have UNTIL SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27TH to write the ficlet (300+ish words, don't stress out about it, think of it like comment fic), or create the vidlet (1-2 mins), or the artwork, or make the gifs / icons (sets of 6 or so: once posted, your recipient can pick up to 2 that are exclusively theirs, if they wish, and the rest will be shareable).

Once again: The minimum word length for ficlets should be around 300 words. Do not stress. This is fun! The holidays are stressful enough. So engage your creativity and think about how happy you'll make someone to have a little LoM present created just for them. And you'll get one in return!

If you can't complete your assignment, PLEASE let me know, so I can throw your prompt up for grabs.

On Sunday, December 27, we all post our icon sets, gifsets, vidlets, artwork and ficlets to the martianholiday community and The Armed Bastards Exchange will be on its way! Read, download, upload, comment and enjoy! Further instructions shall be issued on the posting format.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, talkingtothesky.
Gene Sam look down

Fic: O Christmas Tree, for comeonsam (Sam/Gene, Green Cortina)

Title: O Christmas Tree
Rating: Green Cortina for swearing and mild sexual reference
Word Count: 686
Notes: comeonsam, for your prompt 'Sam/Gene, hurt/comfort', I so so hope you like this! Sorry it's late, Christmas managed to get in the way... on the 28th.
Summary: Sam and Gene are not being treated well by their Christmas trees.


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