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  • debl_ns

Fic: Snowball's Chance in Hell, Green Cortina, for little_cello

Title: Snowball's Chance in Hell
Author: debl_ns; beta-read by talkingtothesky
Recipient: little_cello
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 1054
Prompt: Some good old Sam!whump h/c goodness would be great, maybe with a bit of guilty!Gene in the mix? <3 Can be gen or slash, your choice. Prompt word is “hot”.
Notes: Mostly gen with a hint of slash. I'm sincerely sorry that it's so late, Cello. I hope that you like it.

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Gene lom

Fic: True Love's Too Soppy (Try Partners in Crime), Blue Cortina, Gene/Sam

Title: True Love's Too Soppy (Try Partners in Crime)
Word Count: 3,537
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Notes: An extremely (I AM SO SORRY) late gift for talkingtothesky, for her prompt '14. Sam/Gene, friends to lovers, first Christmas as a couple'. This is not everything I wanted to do with the prompt, but I'm running out of time to post everything, so this is part 2 of the fic I originally planned- the 'friends to lovers' bit will come later as a separate fic, this is the first Christmas as a couple. I hope you enjoy and I'm so sorry for the wait and the roundabout fulfilling of the prompt. Thank you so much for your patience with me <3 <3 <3 <3

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Fic: Make A Stand For Your Man, Honey, for lozenger8

Title: Make A Stand For Your Man, Honey
Recipient: lozenger8
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 1,285
Prompt: Sam/Annie, with prompt word 'traditions'
Notes/Warnings: Sorry this is late! Title from Suzi Quatro's Can The Can, as mentioned in the fic. Established relationship, set post 2x08.
Summary: Sam and Annie spend Christmas Day 1973 together. Will her family approve?
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brace yourself
  • danae_b

Fic: Just The Two, for talkingtothesky

Title: Just The Two
Author: danae_b
Recipient: talkingtothesky
Rating: Greenish-Blue Cortina (established relationship Sam/Annie, some thinky thoughts as well as some fluffy fluff, plus some vague sexytime references)
Word Count: About 3.2k words
Prompt: Sam/Annie, please! :D Fluff would be lovely. Prompt: Christmas cake.
Notes/Warnings: Here you go, my dear! I hope this... little monster I've made for you is a suitable use of your prompt. ♥ I had so much fun writing it though, I really hope you enjoy! *HUGS*
Summary: The big day hasn't come yet, but there are countless other little days for them both to enjoy.

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Gene &amp; Sam

Art for comedownsam

Artist: blue_sparkels
Recipient: comedownsam
Rating: Green Cortina
Prompt: I'd love to see 'Gene on his own' literally, something whumpy and angsty of the aftermath of him losing Sam in some way, whether it's death or just him moving on in some other way.
Notes/Warnings: There's a bit of blood and implied injury/death due to the prompt ;w; I hope you like it!
Summary: An ambulance has come but all Gene can do is stand around and hope
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